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DoorBee3.png4th Grade

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Teacher Contact Information
Ms. Austin: austinj@gtsd.net
Ms. Hayes: hayesj@gtsd.net
Ms. Prostak: prostakj@gtsd.net
Ms. Rasavage: rasavagec@gtsd.net
Ms. Santini: santinib@gtsd.net
Ms. Underhill: underhillk@gtsd.net
Monday is Library Day. Please remember to return your borrowed books on time.



  1. Practice Side A verbally for 5 minutes with an adult. DON'T practice by yourself. You might practice a math fact incorrectly.

  2. It is not necessary to take the timed test on Side B.

  3. Use Side A for verbal practice only. By not filling in the products you can use the sheet again and again.

  4. Challenge yourself to say the facts as fast as you can. Then try to say them faster. The more automatic the facts are the easier the written test will be.

Dear Students,

Watch the video below, with your parent, to see how to correctly practice your Rocket Math. Mastering your multiplication facts will make multiplying large numbers and long division easier. How you ask? You will be able to concentrate on the algorithms instead of your multiplication facts. So, keep practicing!

Mrs. Prostak



Science & Social Studies

National Geographic Kids
The Weather Channel
Family Tree Document

Environmental Web Sites

Check this out:VA Kids Games & Activitie


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Common Core State Standards Writing Sample

Follow this link to see a sample and explanation of the level of quality required to meet the Writing standards for grade 4.

The Fourth Grade Wiki Blog is here!!

RACE format

Frayer model

HHhmmmmmmm--- I'm not sure what to read.

Go to www.whatshouldireadnext.com
Simply type in the name of the book you have just finished and the website will generate a list of other books you may be interested in. Click on theInfo/Buy green tab to the right of a book and that will take you to the Amazon website and you can read the product description and/or details. *Please be aware that some of the similar books listed may not be on your level. Read the description!*

Author of the Month-- Louis Sachar


Opportunities to read online are all around you:

Story Line Online
Discovery Girls

Additional links:


"Dynamite" times with Test Prep


Media Link

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